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Rogan's Recollections

(And Occasional Historical Observations)

General Colin Powell (1937-2021)

General Colin Powell and Congressman James Rogan, Washington, D.C. 1997

When Colin Powell died yesterday at 84, he left behind a remarkable legacy as an Army general, war veteran, National Security Advisor, U.S. Secretary of State, best-selling author, and role model to millions. Although our political views did not always mesh, I worked with General Powell on a couple of projects during my time in Washington. I always found him to be bright, insightful, creative, very down to earth, and utterly charming to my family when he invited them to his office for a visit. Despite our policy differences, when I ran my final race for Congress in 2000, he sent my campaign a personal check for $1,000—the maximum amount allowed under the law. I appreciated his friendship and support, I appreciated his lifelong service to our country, and I mourn his passing. 

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