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Rogan's Recollections

(And Occasional Historical Observations)

The Palomino Club, North Hollywood CA

Earlier this week, and for one night only, the world famous Palomino Club--along with the Grand Ole' Opry it was America's premiere country western venue--reopened for a museum fundraiser in its original North Hollywood location. The Palomino closed its doors almost a quarter century ago.


For me it was a trip back in time. I bartended there 1979-1982 while a law student at UCLA. It brought back a flood of memories stepping inside that cavernous old hall one last time.


To commemorate the occasion I wore my original Palomino Club jersey. The last time I wore it I was 25, and it was the last night I bartended there. Today I'm 61--and it still fits!


Thanks to the Valley Relics Museum for making this wonderful memory for the hundreds who joined me this week.



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