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And Then I Met...Stories of Growing Up, Meeting Famous People, and Annoying the Hell Out of Them

And Then I Met... is a collection of humorous, adventurous, and sometimes poignant boyhood stories told by former Congressman James Rogan of doing everything possible, short of getting arrested, to meet and get advice from many famous politicians, sports stars, and entertainment legends he met as a boy growing up in San Francisco. Through Rogan's diaries and photos, you'll meet and get rare behind-the-scenes glimpses of people like Harry Truman, John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, Billy Graham, Bob Hope, Jimmy Stewart, Hubert Humphrey, Barry Goldwater, Cary Grant, Willie Mays, and dozens more. Rogan met everyone—from the last surviving witness of the massacre of General Custer, to stars of Gone with the Wind and The Wizard of Oz. The stories and photographs brim over in this delightful compilation.